findout: “How to perform silence?   Perhaps only John Cage could answer that because many of his musical work consisted of it. Joan La Barba is in Mexico and she assures that Cage was one of the most misunderstood musicians because of this; she worked with him for almost 20 years and still finds it difficult to perform the silence and for us to listen to it. I love his complete works for violin and piano, here number III.”

Lovely sounds for a damp, drizzly evening. Thanks findout.

do listen to his words. Not always. But when I listen, they’re remarkably visual and evocative:

Blue blue windows behind the stars.
Yellow moon on the rise.
Purple words on a grey background
To be a woman and to be turned down

How did those windows get behind the stars? I don’t know, but I can see them clearly. Sometimes as a child’s drawing. Sometimes as a reflection on an airplane window. There may not be logic involved, but there is something deeper than that.

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Thank you, theparisreview.